Download Whatsapp Plus V6.50 Latest Version 2018 (Free APK).

whatsapp messenger apk plus
The latest version of whatsapp plus 2018 free download offers much more interesting and advanced feature for users who wishes to get more from their social media chat experience via the  whatsapp messaging app and make it more interesting than the regular free whatsapp messenger apk for android devices.

Often times, questions like how to download whatsapp plus apk messenger for free on  android devices like Samsung and the rest frequently pops up here and there on the web.

And here on this page we provide you the latest whatsapp plus for free download. Also with the whatsapp plus latest version 2018 apk download, we further took it upon us to show you how to install whatsapp plus on your android phones as well as some information about the app.

Before we continue or provide you the direct download link to download the latest whatsapp plus 2 or whatsapp plus apk (whatever you know it to be), it is first important to note what whatsapp plus apk is and what's it is not, what's it does and does not, plus, some likely positive and negative side of it. ENJOY!

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp plus apk messenger is more or less a similar version of the popular WhatsApp chat messenger, equipped with quiet a number of improved features. It is important to know that the WhatsApp Plus or Whatsapp plus blue  is not an official app released by whatsapp inc (now owned by facebook inc) for any smart phone platform as the app is still available as a third party application.
Although, most  people has found the app very impressive simply because; it has a whole new set of exciting new features you won't get to see in the regular whatsapp messenger.

WhatsApp Plus is an absolute modified version of the original thing (whatsapp messenger app). Some of the notable things associated with this absolute or plus version of whatsapp is the ability for its users to customize their own embeds/ emoticons or smileys and other chat badges and much more things within the app.

Arguably, WhatsApp Plus (whatsapp plus apk) has gradually climbed and become one of the best and most used "unofficial modes" for WhatsApp, that allows users to customize many aspects of the famous instant messaging service adding more features outside the official whatsapp messenger app.
" WhatsApp Plus was forced and made to shut down by WhatsApp Inc. Earlier n January 2015 with a cease and desist order, that eventually turned out to cease and completely dissolved the project. It is important to note that the plus chat app is no longer available for download in top play stores. (But yes, we have both the whatsapp plus and the whatsapp plus blue - Blue edition of whatsapp still)

Features Of Whatsapp Plus.

Below are some cool features of Whatsapp plus apk file. You can check them out and decide if you still want to download whatsapp plus apk. 

  1. ** Anyone can use it as it also serves the same user interface as the official WhatsApp Messenger for everyone 
  2. ** its compatible with all types, kinds and latest Android smart phones and tablets. 
  3. ** Blue icon + ability to for users to change icon’s color easily 
  4. ** No more 16MB video limit. With WhatsApp Plus you can send video of up to 50 MB in size 
  5. ** Users can easily send over 10 photos at a time plus retain the original quality of the image without it been compressed. 
  6. ** Everything is customizable; with the new whatsapp plus messenger, you can change notification sound, theme color, background image and much more plus ability to install additional WhatsApp Plus Themes to your device, as well as update on games played like word cookies and more. Yea, its a complete re-make over. 
  7. ** its spacious and yes, I like it; Users can add more lengthy WhatsApp status and emoticons to use it more effectively, it doesn't just end there, you can as well see the status of your friends while chatting with them from the same screen. 
  8. ** its your world, customize it to suit your taste and style.
android whatsapp messenger apk plus

The new whatsapp Plus blue apk is cool, and has got tons of great features, I think you love to see on your Device. All of these features and more you can enjoy on your device  after a successful installation of whatsapp plus download.

Where to Download Whatsapp Plus apk Direct For Free.

Pretty simple. Forget about redirecting you to another site and doing annoying surveys. You can download whatsapp plus apk directly below.

How to correctly Install Whatsapp plus messenger and get it running.

So, you have downloaded the plus version of the most popular messaging and chat app, what next? Installation of course, yea I know, 50% of android smart phone users knows how to install apps correctly. If you've typed "whatsapp plus free download" on google and landed on this page, then you sure are an advance android user.

Step 1;

First you will have to remove any other whatsapp messenger on your android smart phone. But before you do this, make sure to back up your previous chats. (If you need them though, you can also do without backing up anything).

To do this, open the current version of whatsapp you have, go to, Settings — Chats — Backup and do a full backup of your previous chat.

You can now go ahead to un-install it.

Step 2

Download whatsapp plus app directly from the download button provided above. Once downloaded install and boom. **welcome to the upgraded version of whatsapp**

The whole process is same as installing whatsapp blue - the blue edition of whatsapp.

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Below is a video walk through of how to install whatsapp plus for android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whatsapp Plus Latest Version 2018..

Below are some Important Frequently asked questions about the new and latest whatsapp plus apk.  I added them here to further clarify users about this app.

Question 1] If I use Whatsapp plus, will my whatsapp Account still be safe?

Answer] Yes, you don't have to worry, its completely safe. Don’t worry

Question 2] Is this app better than the official whatsapp?

Answer] It all depends on your taste and want for more features added to an existing app.

Question 3] Is this app available for IOS users?

Answer] No! At the moment its not, we only hope to see los app developers who will pick up this challenge and do something new

According to Similarweb, whatsapp is the most used social messaging app in the world, with over one billion downloads recorded by wikipedia

That's it.
For more questions, inquires and further talk about whatsapp plus latest version 2018 free download, feel free to use the comment box and I will get back to you as soon as possible. DON'T FORGET TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY and LOVED ONES on your Social media circle by using any of the SHARE BUTTONS.

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