Whatsapp Blue Download v1.4. Blue Whatsapp Edition for Android

If you wish to download whatsapp blue edition or need the blue whatsapp apk download, this page is obviously for you.

Blue whatsapp or the Whatsapp blue Edition is a mod version of whatsapp by ....... **shh** its not official.

The new blue edition of whatsapp  or  whatsapp blue comes packed with the same features and values as the regular whatsapp version (the original whatsapp apk messenger from whatsapp official site itself),

but with some little tweaks and more added features. Below are some of the features the new whatsapp blue.

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Features of Whatsapp Blue.

1. Base version 2.12.214
2. Database updates
3. Anti-Ban
4. Some of the new PNG files for BLUE

Here's What’s New in the blue whatsapp.

  • An Updated Launcher Icon
  • A brand new type of send button
  • WACA Ticks
  • You still get to see some new notification icons for missed calls & Messages etc.
  • The icons for new outgoing, incoming & missed call had a complete makeover
  • On the settings list, some new Icons were added
  • A new incoming messages style
  • HD Google emojis for xxhdpi devices
  • New Attachment Picker Style
  • Misc color changes to BLUE
Yea, I know, not everyone is going to understand all of this. But sure, every android user will know how to install a new app. So, you can try it out to see if there's anything cool about this app yourself. You can equally try out the Latest Whatsapp Plus +. its super cool.

A Little Rundown Of/ About  Whatsapp Blue or Blue Whatsapp Edition v1.4. apk

WhatsApp Blue Edition Mod is just another modified version of our famous chat and messaging application "Whatsapp" and since it’s illegal, you definately will not be finding it on the official Google Play store.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that WhatsApp’s developers are trying their best to ban all users who install unofficial versions of whatsapp, but, cool enough, the Blue Edition app is a ban-free and you can download it without worrying that you will be banned.

Regarding this modded application, just as its name suggests the 'blue" word, it has a blue interface instead of the regular green one, but offers just the same features as the original one: the possibility to send free text messages, or containing images, videos or audio files.

Yea, its a .apk extension, so it works only on Android devices, as earlier reported, it received new icons for the Send button, new launcher, new audio sounds for notifications like missed call and messages, outgoing and incoming calls, Settings list as well as an improved audio sound gear in the settings list. In addition to all these, it received HD Google emojis for xxhdpi devices (attachment picker style).

How To Install the New Whatsapp Blue?

1. Take/ save a Backup of your Messages; to do this simply do the following; Open your normal Whatsapp you had and then navigate to:
Settings » Chat Settings » Back up chats

The reason for this is because we want to still keep all of our chat histories with friends and group alive.. Perhaps, there are some crucial messages we don just want to delete yet.  But if you don't mind having your old chat history, then you can move straight to step 2 without doing any single backup.

2. Having backed up our chat history, you can now go ahead to delete the current whatsapp on your smartphone. Once that is done, proceed to download this new blue whatsapp version from the below link on this page.

The reason for the deletion/ uninstallation of the former/ regular whatsapp is because this new blue whatsapp won't install if the other green version is still installed.

3. Install WhatsApp Blue Edition the same normal way you install any other app on your android mobile device.. ENJOY

According to Confidence Macaulay of Spriee.com, and pansy of electrictoothbrushes.org WhatsApp at the moment is the most popular application, having a massive user base of over 800 million people who login every day just to keep in touch with their family, friends and loved ones. -- information Source: Source; Statista --

Nowadays, people no longer just use whatsapp for chatting with their friends and loved ones, but businesses such as telecommunication companies, home service companies and a host of others now use whatsapp as a business strategy to keep in touch with their audience and customers.

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